Alberk Poultry Processing Equipment

Waste System

The cleanliness of the facility is very important in food processing systems. The poultry processing results in various types of waste and garbage. The waste is very valuable in terms of recycling and energy. The Waste Separator and Pump Group is used to evaluate such waste in the facilities. Particularly the poultry waste created at the facility are turned into raw materials for feed via the rendering system. Another important issue is the environment. The waste and garbage created at the facility should be controlled. It must be noted that the cleanliness of the facility from live entrance to product shipping is paramount. Alberk ensures top level of hygiene at the facility, thanks to its system which has been developed to control that. The product of the facility is designed accordingly from the very beginning. That is because the channels and wells for waste collection are designed during the first step of architectural project. The locations of the machines are determined according to the channel plan. Thus, the facility is constantly cleaned from waste during and at the end of the operation.

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