Alberk Poultry Processing Equipment

Automatic Evisceration Department

In poultry processing, the Automatic Evisceration Department is where the most complicated equipment and machinery are used. In addition to extracting the internal organs of birds arriving from killing and defeathering department, the quality of cleaned internal organs (liver, gizzard, etc.) is very important. Particularly with high capacity, where the line rotates rapidly, it is difficult and very inefficient to complete this task only by man power. To ensure efficiency and speed, every machine in this section and every station on these machines fulfils the process at the same quality for all poultry, from the start to the end. Every machine in this section has specific tasks.

Each of them operates in synchronization with the conveyor line. Its mechanical structure ensures long service life. Besides, it offers various setting options for average poultry weight and size, ensuring every machine runs with full efficiency.

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