Alberk Poultry Processing Equipment

Killing and Defeathering

In poultry processing, the live products are slaughtered in this section. Therefore, the functionality of the machines in this section is very important. Besides, another issue that must be considered here is exposing products to the interventions of the machinery in a proper way ethically and psychologically. The main task in the section is slaughtering poultry, plucking their feathers, and preparing it for evisceration process. These processes are performed by using various machines and equipment. The cleaner and better the exiting products are, the better the subsequent department fulfils its job. The modular structure of the line in this sections allows easy solutions for potential capacity upgrades in the future. Thus, it offers an opportunity for modifications in existing system. Many safety measures are taken in the section, and an efficient, fast and eco-friendly principle of operation is ensured.

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