Alberk Poultry Processing Equipment

Cut-Up Department

In poultry processing, the products remain as a whole from the beginning to the end. To disrupt this integrity, the Poultry Automatic Cutting Line is used. Chickens are sold as a whole or in parts, depending on the needs of the market. It is important for the investment to offer the product that is demanded in the market. Automatic cut up line has a unique platform structure and a conveyor. The conveyor has special shackles, on which there are special routers. This is to set the position of the machine and the poultry depending on the area to be cut.

Alberk automatic cut up line performs efficient, fast and correct cut up process at high-capacity facilities. The cut up process is performed by machines which are installed on the line but which run independently from each other. The cut up line consists of wing tip cutter, whole wing cutter, breast cap cutter and special breast cutter, splitting into two, drumstick cutting and dropping machines.

Besides, there are guides installed on the conveyor to set the direction of shackles between the machines. The line has a modular structure, and machines can be easily added or removed. The cutting blades are covered with shields or controlled by emergency stop buttons as a safety precaution. Every machine has a mechanism to set the height or routing guides. Thus,

Cutting up groups in various weights can be performed easily. The location of the cut up line is selected and manufactured depending on the project.

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