Alberk Poultry Processing Equipment

System Control Panels

System Control Panels are responsible for the control, management, safety and main power supply of all equipment in the poultry process. Panels

are divided into sections. Each section has its own panel. These panels are supplied from the panel where the main power is supplied. The engines of the machines, the reducers on the line, emergency stop buttons, conveyor belt speed and many other options are controlled by a single button on the panel. The operating and failing machines, the conveyor speed, the values on digital indicators and other information is displayed on the panel to provide information.

Since it is a sensitive structure with high level of safety precautions. the materials and equipment to be used in panels are selected accordingly. A problem in the main supply may directly affect the whole process. manufacture and design are performed with due consideration of such problems to avoid failures. In case of upgrades or add-ons in equipment. Alberk’s engineers can enter the relevant add-ons and corrections in the panels.

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