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Food Processing Technologies


While the poultry meat consumption increases all around the world, the development of processing Technologies that fulfill the demands of this growing industry takes on a critical role. The importance of food processing Technologies that recently made a leap increases significantly. The poultry processing equipment, the last ring of in-line production chain for sustainable nutrition processes, should be manufactured and built carefully in respect of capacity, performance, efficiency, ethics and ecological requirements. Successfully carrying out a processing project as one of the main elements directly defining the product quality require a strong professional knowledge, technology and engineering skill. We are ready to fulfill the demands of the market. We install 500 up to 12,000 chicken processing systems per hour in global standards rapidly, economically and optimally. 

Our manufacturing operations include turkey slaughterhouse, duck slaughterhouse and goose slaughterhouse processing systems in line with the demands besides chicken. Improving the conditions required for a modern facility to stand the increasingly challenging competition besides a strong design and engineering is among our specialties. Designing projects in line with the market and your production needs, optimizing the energy and natural esources, operational costs are the other skills that we provide to you.

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